fresh meals all week long!

Busy during the week? Need easy, chef prepped meals ready to go? Snacks for the kids? I have you covered! Prior to the pandemic I was a personal chef, cooking up meals in people's homes for them to have in their fridge for the week. 

I am so excited to get back to it and begin bringing on more clients. Rates very depending on number of meals/servings per week. 

How it Works:

1. We chat about what you love to eat, your family's preferences and the number of meals you need each week.

2. Each week I send a grocery list and menu out to you - once you cross reference what you have, I shop for the remaining groceries and bring them to your home (unless you prefer to shop!)

3. I come to your house and prep, assemble and label each meal with instructions for heating/assembling. After I clean up I head out and you have meals ready to enjoy all week!

Email me at if this is something you are looking for! 

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